Make Cubase open with a default project for all users


Title says it all, is there somewhere to make Cubase Artist 9 open with a default project for all users and if so, where is this setting please


And this answer says it all too… No.

But… I suppose you could make a default project and save that .cpr to the desktop and open CB by double clicking on it. The problem you will have is making sure everyone knows that they are going to have to do some initial saving steps… like “back up project” using a different name. Otherwise your default project audio pool is going to really get messy because the sharing of files.

Because of this issue… I would not do it. :wink:

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Boo, it was possible in out last version (V4) but I guess times have changed then! So, is my best option to put a read only default project somewhere they can access and just get them to open that (and then save as their own file)?


Ah - great minds think alike! You have suggested the same thing. I think as long as I make the default project read only - then they will HAVE to save it somewhere else :slight_smile:

You really want to create a default template and create new projects using that template through the Steinberg Hub. It is a real good idea to use the “Prompt for Project location” option and “Create new Folder” option too. That way your projects will always be saved in their own folder location and they will have their own separate audio pool.

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I wonder if you can make this “default” file write protected or rather set dedicated authorities on it so the user will be forced to save it with another name or location with “save as…”.

This really is the simplest option. Just name the template Default and after you use it once Cubase will start up with it selected in the hub. Prompt for project location will then pop up if you have it selected, and you’re set. Couldn’t be easier.

Hi Ulesto, yep I’m making the default file read only so users will have to save elsewhere. The problem with the hub is that I dont think it will remember that the default file was the last used for domain user logons. Would probably be fine for local users. My solution will most likely be a centrally stored default project that is read only that users will need to open in order to open Cubase

Oh, I see. Yeah, sounds like you’ve got the best solution.

The only problem with this is a lot of people work on more than one project at a time. Or what if you want to start a new project? Maybe they felt it wasn’t that useful. I keep folder aliases of all ongoing projects handy on the desktop so it’s pretty easy to just double click the project file to open Cubase with the one I want to work on. Maybe that’s a good alternative.