make cursor return to where it was?

I’m at measure 50, I play or record for a while and on Stop I want the cursor to return to measure 50.

How do I do that?

Thanks - rev

You activate the appropriate preference

Hi revnice,

you can find the

in Cubase’s prefereces window, under “Transport” and it is called “Return to Start Position on Stop”.



If you use the Numpad shortcuts you can have it both ways.
0 on numpad will stop the transport
0 again will return to start position




This is Elements 7 - there is no Preferences menu and under Transport there’s no such option as “Return to Start Position on Stop.” There are about 50 other options that I’ve never heard of and don’t understand (Pre-roll and Post-roll) but nothing like ‘return to wherever you were’, ‘return to zero’, ‘stop at Now time’ or anything normal or useful.


Thanks for that. You say IF I use Numpad shortcuts - what if I don’t, is there any other way?

Thanks - rev

Well I don’t use Elements but I have a very strong suspicion that it has the same preferences dialogue as full version.

File menu/Preferences…No??

That preference is there - even in elements 7…

See the Manual section titled: “Setting up key commands”

Hi revnice,

that preference is definitely in Cubase Elements as well.

On the other hand, it’d be useful if you posted which version of Cubase you have and your system specs when starting a thread.


Two Cubase engineers having a laugh:

A: Return to Start Position on Stop is a Transport option, right?
B: Right.
A: So let’s NOT put it under Transport
B: That won’t fool people for long because it’s also a Preference, they’ll only look under Preferences next
A: Preferences is always found under Tools > Options right? So let’s put it under File where it’s never been before
B: Good one - and how do you turn Toolbars on and off in every program in the world?
A: Under the View menu
B: Let’s not even have a View menu! Users won’t be able to find Toolbars or any of the Views without looking it up.
A: Mute and Unmute belong under Track, right? So let’s not have a Track menu and lets move those options to Edit!
B: And let’s put the Metronome under the Transport menu!

:slight_smile: Thanks to all for your help!

LMAO… :laughing:

But somehow sad too… :frowning:

Regards :sunglasses:

@revnice- Luis refered to Cubase’s preferences window, which you get to via the ‘Preferences’ item in the File menu. Not a menu called Preferences.

Why, if you are starting out with Cubase– do you presume that Cubase will resemble other programs you are already familiar with, and then on that basis point out perceived absurdities.

A better way might be to learn the GUI tools by exploring not only the menus (within which there is not nearly enough room to contain all the commands) but the preferences dialog, and, most revealing of all, the Key Commands dialog, where you can see the hundreds of commands available, including commands to change many preferences on the fly, and the command “Return to Start Position” itself.

Indeed, these preferences and key commands are both under “Transport”. The former in the preferences dialog, the latter in the Key Commands dialog.


Why, if you are starting out with Cubase
I’m not, I’m a Sonar user but I’m doing virtual instrument tutorials and the makers want it shown in Cubase.

do you presume that Cubase will resemble other programs you are already familiar with,
The entire world has been conditioned to expect certain things under certain menus and Cubase isn’t sufficiently different to warrant breaking conventions. AutoCAD is, Photoshop is but Cubase isn’t. We have conventions for good reasons, the position of controls in a car, for example, means we know where they are in any car and how they function.

Then you’re obviously the wrong man for the job.