Make EZdrummer 2 MIDI tracks into audio tracks for mixing

I use my Roland TD4 e-drum kit to record a MIDI performance in Cubase. Then I bring the MIDI into EZdrummer 2 to get the nice drums sounds I want. Then, I want to bring the individual (kick, snare, etc.) tracks from EZdrummer2 back into Cubase for mixing with the rest of my instruments.

I have tried exporting the MIDI tracks from EZdrummer as individual WAV files, but when I import them into a Cubase instrument track they don’t play. There is no signal showing on the meters, either.

Question is: do Cubase and EZdrummer play well together in this context? What do you suggest is the best way for me to accomplish e-drum tracking>MIDI processing in EZD2>export to Cubase for mixing.

Equipment -
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
Intel Quad Core

Thanks -Tim

I can’t answer your exact question but…

I need to ask why you are exporting the midi track(s) into the standalone EZD2 for some sort of processing then import it back to CB?

Why don’t you just do all your drum processing with the EZD2 VST instrument panel(s) right there in CB?

That’s what I do. Nice and easy :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I do it that way because it’s the only way I know of to separate the tracks into audio (i.e. WAV) and actually get a rendered waveform for each track that I can edit.

I was successful btw in getting my exported WAV files to play in CB. I have been mixing them this week.

Are you saying there is a way to record and use the EZD VST from within CB and get rendered audio on each track? Not just so it plays on individual tracks, but audio waveforms that you can see (like any other inst…guitar, vox, etc.)?

Also another reason I do it this way is so I don’t have to open EZD2 each time I open the session to mix. Saves CPU, I imagine.

I’m glad you got it sorted out and it is now working for you. :wink:

I was just asking because I usually need to hear the rest of the song tracks while I am mixing the drums (or any other track) to the way I want them. That requires me to work EZD2 in CB and that is where I edit the drums. Right in the midi file (no need to edit an audio file). Typically, after that, my final mixdowns are to .mp3 (or .wav) format. The only time I export a project’s midi track to an audio file (.wav or .mp3) is when I want to use the same track in a different project or email it to someone. That’s a rare occurrence for me.

So your workflow and requirements are most likely different from mine. I probably started the standalone EZD2 only a few times to make sure it worked and to ensure I wasn’t missing any special options that are available only in the standalone version versus the VST. I couldn’t find anything different.

FYI… I never ran across any problems using the EZD or EZD2 VST while in CB. CPU usage or otherwise.

Regards :sunglasses:

What I usually do is this when it comes to my workflow:

One import a midi (be it from GuitarPro or Sibelius), then from there edit velocities in Cubase.

When I’m happy with my MIDI and samples I’m using I usually then batch export them for final inserts.

Never had a problem with EZD or SD with Cubase 7.5 :slight_smile: