Make "hide disable tracks" key command available

visibility panel → option “hide disable tracks” in floating menu, make it as a shortcut (key command) please! i use it always - no, it doesn’t exist! i don’t know why!? it is a simple request.

is a problem requested since cubase 6 please!!! why do you have a forum if you dont read it.

Why the vitriol?
Anyway, they already did provide a way to do this, and much more in 2018-2019 I think it was.

Create a new PLE preset with a filter for
Property is set:Is Disabled
with the action
Hide Track:Enable | Disable | Toggle

Hint: open an existing Visibility preset first and edit it. Save with the new name and it will appear in the Track Visibility Agents menu.

In the key command dialog it’s listed in the Process Project Logical Editor section image

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I Speak Spanish… sorry if you feel the hostility… may be is my bad english… but I love your response… thanks thanks thanks you are a crack… i love this forum… You have a New Member in love with this community

Att. Neiko

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