Make independent toolbar setups for each MixConsole view…

Unless i am missing something, it seems that, no matter the MixConsole window used among the four available in Cubase 12, it’s always the same toolbar setup that is applied. Use case :

I have defined mainly three workspaces :

  • one for the project window
  • one for the MixConsole (the first window, available with <F3>, by default)
  • one showing both the project window and a narrowed MixConsole 2 view showing only the input channels.

The toolbar setup choosed will be applied, no matter the MixConsole window used. So, each time I am changing my workspace, I also have to load a toolbar preset to make things displayed as expected, and snapshots aren’t helpful, in this case.

I wouldn’t mind setting a macro which would load a relevent ‘default’ toolbar setup for a given MixConsole window but, AFAICS, it doesn’t seem that there are related key commands for this. Actually, there isn’t even a toolbar preset recall one…

So, I let all of you judge to which extent this could help optimizing our workflow… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also I think the toolbars should “autofill”, auto expand to an extra row if there are to many items for the window size. Bad implementation the way it is now.