Make into Frame

Hello, I’m trying to adjust a layout so that a small bar doesn’t appear alone on the last page of a score. Just upgraded to Dorico 3, and “Make into frame” doesn’t appear in the frames options in engrave mode anymore. I tried to do it with “Insert music frame”, but when I select the first and last note I want in the frame, the notes are deselected when I switch to engrave mode, so I can’t seem to do anything with a frame. What’s the trick in the new version?

The Make Into Frame button should be here (and it certainly is on both my machines)

Are you sure you’re in Graphic Editing mode (the quarter note at the top left, under “Setup”)?

And it is in the Engrave menu, as before.

Ah, thanks pianoleo, that was it. I was on the section below that where the insert frame option is. Problem solved. Another question though. Has the “Copy Staff Spacing” button been removed or just moved? It saves so much time to just copy from one page to another, or to many pages.

The Copy Staff Spacing button was removed from the panel from Dorico 2.2(.0). It’s now available from the Engrave > Staff Spacing menu. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to it, if you like.

Ah, many thanks!