Make it possible to select 1 channel mic in Windows

At the moment when i record with my UR22c in an application which not supports to set mic input to mono, I only get sound on left channel.
An easy fix for this would be to allow the selection of 1 channel in windows settings or to add such feature to the control panel.
I konw you can workaround this issues with software like voicemeter , an y-splitter cable or if no headphone is connected set loopback mode, but the best would be to be able without additional software or cables or tricks.

Then you have to ask Microsoft. The basic Windows settings are unified for all devices.

Hmmm… maybe your application developer should add support for ASIO?

What is your application to record sound?

The Problem is that the mic is set to stereo in Windows.
This causing in application which have no control about channels, only recording on one channel.
A possible fix would be a driver update, which allows to choose mono in mic settings.
This post is more a feature request than a search for help.
Current state:

What would fix it:

(My Windows is german Kanal = channel)

No. That isn’t a solution, since the problem is not related to the driver. The application itself is responsible for mono or stereo handling. It has exclusive control.

Again, what is your application?
UR44C has 4 microphone inputs and two additional line ins, with the right software you can use all 6 inputs with mono signals.