Make key commands easier

If we had a graphical representation of a qwerty keyboard, whith tooltips showing what short cuts had been assigned to each key combination this would make life a lot easier and make it much easier to remember the shortcut keys.
The shift, controller and alt keys could latch and the different assignments would be revealed according to what combination of these were highlighted



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Why a Querty keyboard ? Just pad that you can name like Lemur or other do with iPad… Or like the macros/shortcut commands that Slate Raven and DTouch have… Some of most powerfull thing that I use (DTouch)…

Ya know it’s kind of helpful to describe what you mean rather than say “just like XYZ” because other folks might have zero experience with XYZ. For example, I have no idea what you mean in the quote above. :wink:

You might have misunderstood… The request is for a way to see the current Cubase key commands. Like in the attached this pic

Yes I understand but pad with Macros/shortcuts on touch screen are much more easyer and powerfull than the little sticker on a keyboard…Steinberg could make touch toolbar like this…


Why ??? I just say that touch command like Slate Raven or DTouch have is very powerfull… for example one major problem with shorcuts (with keyboard) in Cubase (Nuendo too) is that the window must be active to work, With DTouch they made a shortcuts to make project or mix Windows to the front so with a little macros all your shortcut work without the need of clic on the window or use TAB to activate the window you want…
Sorry for my “Frenchy” English…

parce que on a demander simplement une liste des commandes en form graphique

Because it’s simply a list of commands in graphical form that’s being asked for.

Querty - because these are keyboard shortcuts. I should have thought this was obvious to most. Except Lemurs.