Make "Locate when Clicked in Empty Space" work in the EDITOR

Is there a way to get this function to work in the editor? Alt+Shift works but is a hassle. The fact that the ruler is split in half doesn’t help either, because every time you click too far up to set the cursor to a position it tries to adjust the loop region instead (why is this even a thing?)


One partial workaround, at least for midi/instrument tracks is add a ‘Ruler’ track in project window, Then make the ruler visible under ‘Global tracks’ in the editor window. Not ideal, but gives a wider region to click on than the default ruler track, without the risk of of clicking the cycle part. :slight_smile:

I changed Alt+Shift to the Ctrl key only. Not a solution but easier to handle


This is what I have done too. Achieved by changing it in Tool Modifiers.

Also, if you have a mouse with multiple buttons, like a Logitech, it usually comes with a software to create ‘Advanced Click’ in which one button would ‘Alt+shift+left click’ for you.

Fix this! It’s been broken since at least 2011. It’s still as annoying as ever!

And you know what?! The transport doesn’t locate when you click empty space in a marker track! Hey now! Empty space is empty space. Super annoying!!!