Make MIDI source 'hold' on a MIDI track


I have a MAQ16/3 analogue sequencer. I use it to generate MIDI sequences to trigger VST synths in Cubase 7. This works fine, but when I have the MAQ16/3 triggering a VST instrument on one track (let’s call it track 1) and then I go to edit a different track (let’s call it track 2) while my song is playing, the MIDI data from the MAQ16/3 stops triggering the instrument assigned to track 1, and instead starts sending its MIDI data to the instrument assigned to track 2.

What I want is for the MAQ16/3 to somehow be ‘locked’ or ‘held’ on a certain MIDI track, and even when I click onto a MIDI sequence on a different track, the MIDI data from the MAQ16/3 continues to trigger the instrument on the first track.

Does this make sense?


Hi and welcome,

When you select and start to edit track 2, the Record Enable is switched On on that track automatically. This is the reason.

To avoid this, open Preferences > Project, and disable relevant option here (Record Enable on Selected Tracks).