Make notepad bigger?

Probably not possible but it would be very useful to enlarge the notepad for song lyrics, Studio one has a lyrics track which is really handy when tracking, If I use a text document for lyrics it disappears when I click record on Cubase, anyone else have this problem?

cheers, Kevin

Bigger better and even better.
This is totally neglected in Cubase. The whole program is all about music creation and who would have thought you might need to write lyrics?
A couple of new synths every update but nothing to write lyrics with. It’s beyond me.
Next upgrade we might get a synth that writes lyrics for you.
I’m out of sarcasm. Going to bed.

My Notepad Window can be resized by dragging the lower right corner just like on most Windows.

Besides the Notepad, which works fine, the Score Editor also handles lyrics. Although that is more complicated as the syllable are attached to specific Notes. You can even see this on the Info Line in the Key Editor. The Score Editor also supports block text.

The window can be enlarged but the font… only temporarily with the mouse wheel. Close the window and re-open it => small font again.

OK, I get what you’re looking for now. You might want clarify that in your initial post and add a feature request tag.

In the past I have used the Score Editor Lyrics to scroll through them as the piece plays. You can resize that both at the font and also by setting the editor display size to something greater than 100%. But it can be a bit fiddly to enter them in the Score Editor and might not be worth it if you don’t need to do it to produce some sheet music or lyric sheet.

Fwiw, there are several free 3rd party developers who offer a track “notepad” that not only keeps the same font, but gives you the choice of dozens of fonts…and colors. Iirc, there is also one that includes inserting .jpegs with the notes.

You insert this just like any VST.

I suppose you could also use this as a notepad and not just a track notepad.

Such a helpful guy…

Thank you to all for your replies, not sure the sarcyness from one guy was needed, but hey, life goes on.

It’s a bit clumsy, but if you’re on Windows 10 you can increase the computer’s Scale to 125% (in System settings). Of course it alters everything on the computer, but it does make the notepad font look bigger.