Make Nuendo more touchscreen friendly

Using a hw touch sensitive controller when ever you put your finger for example on a fader, that fader will react to that ”touch” straight away and the DAW goes into a “write” mode. No need to move that fader, just touch and write starts.

With touchscreens this is not the case.
When I touch a fader and keep it still (or any other control knob on my Nuendo) touch write does not trigger. Only when I move that fader or knob touch write triggers on.

This results into a small lack and a ramp to written automation. So, not very good or smooth.
With mouse ’click and hold’ it works as it should.

Feature request: make touchscreens to act like a HW controllers so that the “write” starts straight when touching some control and not moving it?

Hope I explaned this in some sensible way…

Bye / Tumppi

Nobody hears you scream in space…

I faced with this problem when was making a Lemur interface, so yeah, it would be great!

Hope this will be taken seriously by SB. For many touchscreens are the future. Hopefully in N11 :wink:

Completely agree and could elaborate for days on specific ideas and concepts.


  1. Since Apple has never embraced on a non-tablet, many developers seem to dismiss it. I notice you are on PC as I am which makes us more aware.
  2. Touchscreen monitors as effective controllers do not help the sale of audio hardware.

I think those are the 2 prime reasons. Making a proper touchscreen-savvy Super Channel window would be awesome if done right. I use DTouch now and it does several things better than any of my hardware controllers, even though it is an add on workaround. With proper integration directly into the DAW, touch would be a game changer!

I use Dtouch also, and it is great.
Making Nuendo more touchscreen friendly would also open new options for SB. They could make their own deebly intgreated touch controller app. Maybe that would be even easier to sell than HW. Don’t know which is better business tho, but for midlevel Nuendo users it would mean that they would spend more money to SB products than they do now.