Make older downloads available in MySteinberg

  1. It is a PITA to have to contact someone at Steinberg to get a download link for older versions that we have paid for. I go back to SX1 here

  2. Put these versions as available downloads in our My Steinberg Account for downloading.

  3. Presonus does this and it is SIMPLE. Any version I need is in my account. How hard is this???


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The ftp server is still working fine but it has only versions up to Cubase 6. All versions from 7 to 9.5 are not accessible at the moment when your current version is V10.

If it’s no possible to add the old versions to MySteinberg then at least add them to the archive on the FTP server.


the full installers for Cubase 7.5 through Cubase 9 are accessible from this page:

Selecting ‘Cubase’ from the ‘Unsupported Products’ drop-down takes you here, where you can download the full installers for all previous versions: Cubase | Steinberg
The Cubase 5 ISO is missing, maybe overlooked.

Isn’t it only updates that are on the ft server?

Didn’t check them before posting, but they should be indeed.

On the link provided is a hodgepodge of files for up to Cubase 7. Most are update files only. A few full installers.

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The ftp site contains updates and content installers.The only full installer there would be the Cubase SX3, the last version of Cubase that can open Cubase VST files.

My point proven. Full installers AND the updates should be available.

Your point is not provable, as it is an opinion. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Touche brute :laughing:

The links I posted give you access to all full installers and updates starting with Cubase 4, except Cubase 5 (surely overlooked). 7.5 to 9 in ‘Downloads Software’ and 4 to 7 under ‘Unsupported Products’. 9.5 and 10 via the Assistant of course.
Previous versions are mirrored from the ftp and indeed don’t contain the full installers. Will ask about the possibility to add them, too.
The ISO for Cubase 5.5 is here: PC and Mac.

Thanks for the clarification. :wink:

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Fabio, fyi…

While trying to assist a topic about CB LE 6. I looked again at the links…

I don’t see, for example, a full installer for CB LE 6 listed. Only updates for existing installation. I’m sure other versions are the same.

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