Make part a bit longer (audio)


I have an audio track, where I would like to stretch a small part of it so the note becomes longer.

How exactly would I go about this in Cubase? (10 pro)

I could split the part and resample or similar… but that seems not the best way.
Warp stretch?
I don’t know how to do this for one small part only
The song is already in “musical mode” so I can adjust the tempo.
But one note in the outro needs to be slower overall

Maybe not the best way, but I found a way that works:

Split the part.
Mark the part and bounce in place + accept “replace events”.
Open pool window.
Mark that new audio track as “musical mode” and adjust the tempo to your liking.
When you set a higher tempo, the part is stretched slower.
Success :slight_smile:

Here is a similar alternative, that is a bit simpler.

  1. Split the Audio Part so that everything before the cut stays the same while the end will get stretched.
  2. Select the Arrow Tool and use the variant “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” (last option).
  3. Grab the part you want to lengthen by the bottom right corner and drag to the desired length.

You’d probably want Snap off. Also the Algorithm you’ve got set for the Part will effect results. Elastic Pro - Time is a good choice.

Aaaah great.
I learned that before but since totally forgotten. Thanks