Make SELECTED track LARGE temporarily

I know there is the option to Enlarge Selected Track in preferences and i think in the File menu. But i don’t ALWAYS want the track i’ve selected to become LARGE…only when i wish to examine something on the track. I think ProTools has their size buttons as a quick way to enlarge. Zooming in and out using key commands is a bit tedious. I just want to jump to HUGE temporarily, then go BACK to the previous size when done!

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It’s right there in the Edit>Zoom menu, and the key commands dialog as well. “Zoom selected tracks”

I know you mentioned that before and i just wasn’t seeing it in my Key Commands. However, the KC “Zoom Tracks Exclusive” does exactly what i want! Maybe its my CBPro9 version or what not but i do not have “Zoom selected tracks” in my KCs.

Anyway, it works.
Thanks SteveInChicago!

Heh. You found a bug. The menu item or the key command is mis-labeled. Zoom Selected Tracks actually makes more sense to this English speaker…