Make shared copy of midi part...and glue midi events

I’m brand new to Cubasis 3 on Android (but long time Cubase user running Cubase 12 pro)

Is there away to copy and paste midi parts in cubasis so that they are the equivaleny of a ‘shared copy’ in Cubase? I.e. I make a change to one of the midi parts and it changes all of the copies?
I can only seem to do a straight copy and paste?

ALso - I wanted to glue 3 coincident 4 bar midi parts into a single 4 bar midi part. I recorded kik, snare and hats in multiple takes - then I want to combine into single midi part.
In cubase I just select all the parts (that are on top of each other) and hit the glue button.


HI @pmallett57,

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Cubasis does not include a shared copy option similar to Cubase.

Below please find a short clip which explains the steps to glue separate MIDI events into a single event.

Hope that helps!


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Hi @pmallett57 again,

To get familiar with Cubasis more quickly, I recommend to check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial.

You will find many more tutorials about several Cubasis features at the same place. Plus, there are many more Cubasis clips available from other users and YouTubers available on the web.

Hope this is of help for you!!

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Thank you Lars - really helpful - I need to perfect my ‘select’ skills.
And yes - I’ll watch Dom’s Cubasis videos - I’m a big fan of his youtube channel, and have learned many great tips and techniques for Cubase!!

Hi @pmallett57,

Thanks for your kind feedback.
Glad to read you’re enjoying Dom’s clips as we do… :slight_smile:

We hope that you will create great tracks with Cubasis!!

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