Make shortcuts available for Quick Controls learn mode

Hi Steinberg.
It’s nice to finally have better integration with the new Focus Quick Controls.

But it could be much more powerful if it was a bit more flexible mapping new values. Here’s the shortcuts I’d love to see:

  1. it would extremely useful to have shortcuts available for turning on “learn” mode for both QC and FQC, maybe it’s combined.
  2. being able to toggle on “learn” mode we would also need a shortcut to be able to select which of the 8 QC’s we want to learn a new parameter for. So that would require 8 different shortcuts.
  3. A last function, and maybe it could be combined with the above, would be that we can go in to learn mode for a specific one of the QC’s, and ones it receives a new parameter it turns off the learn mode for that specific QC. So it’s 8 different shortcuts that would enable learn on a specific QC until a parameter has been touched.

You could imagine that the last two could be combined, so if learn mode hasn’t been enabled manually, it will just pick up the next touch parameter.

And while we are add it, maybe also have a “shortcut” for read and write, like we can address specifically the Channelstrip’s read and write now in the MIDI Remote API.

Thanks in advance. Jesper

Ps. I’m using Nuendo, but posting here in hopes of more people seeing it and liking it, so it becomes a priority for Steinberg.