Make solo key command work in edit channel cubase


How can I make solo key command in edit channel cubase?
I mean when I’m press “e” button and open edit channel window key command “S” working only if I press solo button with mouse. And only if dont touch then anything else)
Otherwise “S” key command doesn’t work from edit channel window.

I this issue or I’m missing something?

Strange. I was able to reproduce it- opened a channel editor, hit S, and nothing happened. Tried M, nothing. Then I hit my keystroke for Listen, (alt-L) and Listen worked. After that, the mute and solo keystrokes also worked.

Quit and ran Cubase again, could not reproduce.

So I have been of no help whatsoever! :stuck_out_tongue: If I see it again I’ll try again to repro.

Thanks you tried!
Actually you almost reproduce it, just press after solo/mute/listen in some other area.
I made a video to try show this issue clearer
Hope it make sense, but sorry about my English, if it’s necessary I can try to record it better)