Make the relationship between chord track and chord symbols in the Score Editor easier

currently there is no relationship between chord generation in the Score Editor and the chord track.
It would be so much easier if we could retrieve the chords generated in the Score Editor and transfer them to the chord track.
in the other direction it’s really weird not being able to directly export the chord track in xml. (to another sheet music software)
you have to drag the chord track into an editor so that it produces notes which will then be translated back into chord symbols in the editor to finally be able to export them! what a waste of time ! thanks a lot .

Well, to be clear (for others who find this topic) chords are not ‘generated’ in the Score Editor. They are created by the composer in the editor. I agree that this is pretty inconvenient – I had hoped the Score Editor chord symbols would be more integrated. But I presume this also is for backward compatibility.

When you do an export to MusicXML from the Score Editor the displayed chords are indeed exported. That’s not happening in your workflow?

Thank you for your answers.
I’m talking about the export in xml from the chord track of the project. it works fine from the score editor.
My concern comes from my way of working. I often start by playing the chords on the keyboard.
To have a benchmark to record the other instruments, I found the chord track very practical because it was visible all the time in the project. But I spend a lot of time in the keyboard editor to select the chords one by one through the function: “export to the chord track”. There I have a very useful grid. (you can transpose the piece, color passages to identify them easily for example) but which cannot be exported afterwards.
on the other hand we have the function in the score editor which encrypts all the chords at once, (that’s what I meant by generating chords) which is much faster but cannot appear in the chord track. It’s not practical for me. I waste a lot of time redoing the same thing (the chord chart) once in the project and once in the piano part that I use to send a score afterwards.
Anyway thank you for your answers.
Have a good day

Merci pour vos réponses.
Je parle de l’export en xml depuis la piste d’accord du projet. ça fonctionne très bien depuis l’éditeur de partition.
Mon souci vient de mon mode de travail. souvent je commence par jouer les accords au clavier.
Pour avoir un repère pour enregistrer les autres instruments je trouvais la piste d’accord très pratique car visible tout le temps dans le projet. Mais je passe beaucoup de temps dans l’éditeur de clavier à sélectionner les accords un par un en passant par la fonction : “exporter sur la piste d’accord” . Là j’ai une grille très utile. (on peut transposer le morceau, colorier des passages pour les repérer facilement par exemple) mais qui n’est pas exportable par la suite.
d’un autre côté on a la fonction dans l’éditeur de partition qui vous chiffre tous les accords d’un coup, (c’est ce que j’entendais par générer des accords) ce qui est beaucoup plus rapide mais ne peut pas apparaitre dans la piste d’accords. Ce n’est pas pratique pour moi. Je perds beaucoup de temps à refaire la même chose ( la grille d’accords ) une fois dans le projet et une fois dans la partie de piano qui me sert pour envoyer une partition par la suite.
en tout cas, merci de vos réponses.
bonne journée

Are you aware that you can display Chord Track chord symbols in the score editor?

No, I didn’t know. I am going to test it right away, it sounds very interesting.
Thanks for the tip!

(Translated from French)
Non, je ne savais pas. Je teste ça tout de suite, ça a l’air très intéressant.
Merci du conseil !