Make the right+click menus customizable

A lot of folks are rightfully upset about the removed right+click commands.

There is a different request to put PLE presets in a right-click menu too.

A way to resolve both of the above and do a whole bunch more would to allow us to customize the right+click menus.

Imagine at the bottom of every context sensitive menu is an item named “customize”. Select this and it opens a Menu Editor similar to the Plug-in Manager where the user can freely add/remove both commands and sub-menus. All able to be saved as presets.

This would let Steinberg take their best shot at what is context-appropriate and still let the end user have the final say on what they believe is context-appropriate for their specific workflow.

The advantages to Steinberg would be substantially less angry customers.
And all the other DAWs would get jealous :laughing:

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+1 This would be the ultimate solution for every user out there.

+1 for user customizable menus.

Regards. :sunglasses:


And, in the meantime, please RESTORE, the full ‘power user’ right click menus.

I totally agree!

+1 for certain!

Just going to bump this request and vote for it.