"Make Unbeamed" doesn't work in Write mode

I assigned “Make unbeamed” to the question mark key, which works in Engrave mode, but it doesn’t work in Write mode.

I’m not sure why, since I can “Make unbeamed” from the right-click menu. I just can’t use the key command.


The question mark key is assigned to end gradual dynamic during note input. I’m not in front of it right now, but is it in the Write mode context, the note entry context or the global context? I suspect it’s conflicting.

Ah. Yes, that’s it.

Curious as to what other users have assigned to Make Unbeamed, or if anyone has suggestions for a workflow.

I’m doing a zillion mass settings, unmetered, so Beam Together and Make Unbeamed are going to be my close companions for the next week.

Revisiting this, as I can’t find a solution. I’ve assigned “Make Unbeamed” to the question mark, it’s not listed as a command when I right-click to the Beaming menu (and the key doesn’t work).

There aren’t any dynamics in that spot, so I don’t see why there would be a conflict.

@pianoleo are you saying I’ll need to edit the JSON? Not sure why that should be necessary.

There are a load of key commands in the factory JSON (within the application bundle/program files) that don’t announce themselves as a conflict yet are potential conflicts.

Have you tried assigning something other than ? ?

I have assigned it to something else (the pipe character, in this case), but I would prefer the question mark. I suppose that’s not something that can be overridden.

The message says that the conflicting command will take precedent when needed, but I just don’t understand why it’s needed here. Unless it’s because it’s a Write Mode thing.

Is that because / was the Speedy beam toggle in Finale? (question mark is just Shift + / after all) I have all my beam commands set up with the numpad / in combinations with Ctrl, Alt, etc.

Ha! Yes, it was subconscious until you pointed that out.

It’s all comin’ back,
it’s all comin’ back to me now…

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Hi Dan.
I chose shortcuts around b for beamings… Cmd-b for beam together, alt-b for unbeam, alt-ctrl-b for break beaming… Not sure it helps, but who knows?