Makers Does not Remove with Marker Track Removal


What is this? I noticed this weird behavior. When I delete a maker track and add a new maker track back, it shows the markers again!

I need to manually delete all makers, and then deleting the maker track!

Please see the animiation.


This is known and already reported issue.

Good. It is an easy programming fix! My two cents:

def removeMakerTrack(track_id):
    1. set track_id.makerInfo = NULL; 				// remove all markers (including cycle); 
    2. delete track.get(track_id)


The problem is, the Market track is actually always there, it’s just hidden (when you remove it), same as Tempo Track or Signature Track.

Also if I remember right, this bug is present for the very last Marker track only. If you add another Marker track, remove and add it again, it should be empty.

But even then I can imagine a simple fix for MarkerTrack.count == 1 use case.