Making a Dj Mix - How to do it in Cubase?

Hey :slight_smile:
I know that ableton live is the better option for making a dj mix, but i wonder if it´s possible
also in Cubase to mix tracks with different speeds together?
If it´s possible… please explain the easiest way to do it.
Thanks for any info and greets,

Yes of course it is possible. There is even a “DJ EQ” in Cubase. you can time stretch and automate volume and effects so why not?

from my experience, it would probably be a bit more work to warp the tracks in Cubase than Live like you already touched on.

DJ EQ | Effects and Plug ins Included in Cubase - YouTube

Have you tried mixing 2 tracks with different speeds? How did you do it exactly? In Ableton Live you can assign a certain bpm number to every track and set the first hitpoints (1.1.1), which will be adjusted automatically with the Master Tempo by Ableton - like this it’s possible to make dj mixes. In Cubase you have to use Musical Mode to strech the audio and a Tempo track as far as i found out, but when changing the speed in musical mode the tracks begin to sound really bad - so is there another way to do it?

the tools to make audio fit in Cubase are time stretch in the audio process menu, but I guess the most relevant tool to use is audio warp - set the hitpoints and you can quantize automatic or do a free warp. It can be a lot of work with a complete song in Cubase.
Hitpoint Detection | Audio Editing and Warping - YouTube

I use Live for dj mixes personally. I wouldn’t recommend using Cubase as Live is much quicker to make full tracks fit the bpm.

so i will stay with ableton for mixing tracks if this is the way it is done
in cubase.
thanks glennloopez :slight_smile: