Making a keyboard shortcut that toggles bypass on all inserts on all my drum tracks

Hello fine gentlemen! I’ve finally made the full switch over to Cubase. I can already mix in it, but I have quite a few questions about mostly basic functionality. I’ll have a laundry list of questions over time, so please bear with me. I almost exclusively track live drums myself, so most of my questions will have to do with the tracking, comping, and editing of drum tracks.

Question 2: How do I make a keyboard shortcut that will toggle bypass on all my drum tracks with one click? In Reaper, I had a shortcut that said “Toggle Bypass on all FX for selected tracks.” So I just made a macro that said “Select Tracks 1-20” > “Toggle Bypass on All FX for Selected Tracks”

I imagine Cubase has a similar or more elegant solution. In Reaper, I had to use the same drum template every time and had the drum tracks as the first tracks in the project, so I could make all these key commands based on the track number.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

As with your other questions you posted here, the answer is the Project Logical Editor :wink:
In order to be able to filter, you have to prepare your drum tracks so that you can select them based on some specific criteria, like the names of the tracks (e.g. always have the string “drum” in it), or probably better, create a color specific for drums, name the color “DRUMS”, and assign all your drum tracks that color*, then you can filter on that in the PLE (“color name contains ‘DRUMS’”)
Then in the PLE add a pre-command that first de-selects all tracks, then a post-command with whatever you want to do, like bypass FX or sends. Then assign that to a key command.

The manual has an extensive section about the PLE:

* regarding assigning colors to track: Cubase has this weird thing that if there is still one event selected in the arrangement, it will not color the track itself but just the event, even if you click on the track title in the inspector. So be sure to de-select anything in the arrangement before coloring in the tracks. It’s a bit annoying.

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Doing it by color! That’s a great idea!! And thanks for the pre-selection criteria thingy… I never would’ve thought of that. I’ve read all about the PLE now, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when reading it. I was hoping there would be a lot of videos about it on YouTube, but there is not. I’ll have to keep cruising through this forum for PLE commands people have made successfully.

Some people rather successfully seem to use ChatGPT for help with PLE


Konnte das über den Generic Controller regeln …es bedarf einer gewissen Einarbeitungszeit aber ist machbar … ich hab ein Keyboard genutzt das nur für dieses Art von Controller da ist … es gibt da unendliche Möglichkeiten … sicherlich geht das auch über Keycommands … nur sind diese irgendwann mal verbraucht … und ne Keyboardtastatur hat ne menge Tasten

Generic Controller

Yes exactly, I have a Streamdeck XL. I am going to put all the shortcuts on a single screen on my Streamdeck so I can quickly switch the track that I am looking at. I just can’t figure out how to properly make a key command that works.