Making a list of new Key Commands in C 7.0.4

Mixer Configuration 1-5

Mixer Configuration 1-9

They have been there in 7.03 already.

Found some that are new to me (think I didn’t see them before)…

… in the mixer category:

Allign Channel Assignment
Allign Channels Left/Right
Free Channel Assignment
Control Link
(sadly no ‘hide’ functions for racks yet)

… Sample Editor category:

VariAudio - Disable Pitch Changes

That the mixer configs are still not key-commandable is utterly confounding

this is not a useful workflow still.

I know I can collapse the racks at least. What I’d actually like to achieve is to have different mixer views with different racks visible while hiding others. That would save screen space/remove distracting elements with a single keystroke (with according macros created).
The rack menu should be included in the set of keycos, this one:

Tried this already. The mixer behaves kind’a odd, depending on what’s displayed already.

That’s where problems continue. Mixer configurations need keycommands plus it would be desirable to have them available globally instead of just on project basis. That would be cool!

Thanks for reporting. Very useful, as I too am trying to learn a new workflow.


Ctrl + Enter will engage Left Insert slot function.
Alt + Enter will engage Right Insert slot function (If any)
Enter will open middle/main function
Esc will close what’s open (and in focus - plugins will after touching/adjusting).

As far as possible, this logic extends to other rack items as well.

With respect to a focused item…
Enter = Do It!
Ctl+Enter = Activate/Deactivate it.
Alt+Enter = Open its options.

Maybe it’s worth mentioning that the focus on the individual rack items (in this case a plugin), the rack sections and the whole channels are also the basis for standard cut/copy/paste/clear commands (as well as being drag & drop targets)

If a slot (plug-in, say) is activate with Enter, once the plug-in is closed, focus returns to the arrange page. Should it not stay with the Mix Console?

I’d like these commands back please:

Iterative Quantise

I don’t like the toggle method because I like to use both quickly from key commands for different purposes. For example, hard quantise a note at the start of the bar (or a midi clip), then do the other notes in the bar with iQ.

The toggle system just doesn’t work so well for me because I have to keep track of which is set by looking at the icon before I can do the quantise - and that slows me down quite a lot when I’m churning through midi.


Hej Mike

It’s very easy to make a key command that Iterative Quantize

Make a Macro like this:

  1. Iterative Quantize On/Off
  2. Quantize
  3. Iterative Quantize On/Off

Then make a shortcut to this Macro.

Voilá :wink:

Best regards

HA …
Dave is still in charge !
:open_mouth: :astonished: :sunglasses:

That just raised my hopes for C8, quite a bit !!

But seriously, Dave, did You design this ergonomic … what can I say … headache ?
Yes, it’s gettin better by the update … but …

OK, back on topic !


Yes, thanks for that, sorry I should have concluded by saying that I’ve done that of course, had to, but it was a pain to have had to. Same as for the Pointer button and the Audition button in fact. It would be nice to have separate key commands and know that in the future Steinberg aren’t going to remove my long standing working methods…


What do these Commands do?
… in the mixer category:

Allign Channel Assignment
Allign Channels Left/Right
Free Channel Assignment