Making a MIDI track louder - MIDI compressor isn't doing it

Hi -

I’ve got a MIDI piano part playing back, MIDI routed to a Yamaha Motif, and I’m hearing the audio out of the Motif.

On a separate MIDI track I have a few single notes, used as a guide for vocals, also routed the same way.

They each have their own MIDI channel.

I want the MIDI guide notes to get louder than they are now (I have the fader all the way up). But I don’t want the main piano performance getting louder. On the main piano performance track, I’ve turned the MIDI fader down as much as works in this project (I do need to hear it somewhat).

My attempt to get this done: I inserted a MIDI compressor on the single-note MIDI track, set the threshold way low and the gain way high. I did a few of these in series. But on or off, the volume of the MIDI track doesn’t change.

Questions for anyone who might want to help out please:

  1. How do I get what I want done within Cubase - getting the one MIDI track louder than 127 lets me? (Hmm, just thought of maybe duplicating it so it is twice as loud. Messy-ish, but I can work with that).
  2. Why doesn’t the compressor, when programmed as a makeup gain device, make it louder … is it because 127 is the limit?

    Thanks -

127 is the limit…

Thanks, Split. I guess magical thinking trying to get to 128 isn’t going to work! :laughing:

Not unless your name is Nigel Tufnel…