making a own template

hi guys

use a project file with some settings but without audio files as a own template. I use it like this:

-Open file “template_song”
-Save the file in a new folder with a specific file name like “new_song_1”
-Insert the project audio files in this new project

The problem I have now is, that the audio files of “new_song_1” are sill saved into the folder of “template_song”. My Question: What can I do that the audio files are copied in the right folder instead of the folder of the template project?

I already figured out while googleing, that I can do a project backup. But then the originalfiles are still in the templates folder and I have to delete them manually.


You should be using the Cubase Template system. I.e. you save the template project as a template by selecting Save As Template… This squirrels the project away in a Cubase system area somewhere. Then when you create a new project you’ll see that you can select your template as a basis for the new project. The audio will then go into the new project’s folder.


thanks Mike, I’ll try that. Cheers