Making a score just consisting of instructions and index

So I’m through my deep dive of Engrave mode - really impressive folks, Dorico is truly amazing. But anyhow I want a score which will just consist of a theme index with timings, the scoring setup and a few custom text pages. Basically just removing all the music pages and adding a few others information pages. This will be used as a reference for using the output stems in development (game music). I’m not seeing how this can be done.

In Engrave > Pages I can’t delete pages from the score

I don’t think I want to remove the parts or the flows from this score, because I need an index page

I could have a custom master page which is blank, but then won’t it still fill out with many blank pages?

Super bonus points - can I also have a pagejust printing out all the comments and the bar they’re attached to? Oh my gosh that would be userful.

Dorico automatically creates/shows enough pages to display the flows in the master page frame chain, and I think the master page frame chain has to have at least one flow in it.

If you also want a separate full score that also displays all the relevant flows, I’d recommend duplicating your Default Full Score master page set, then in the new duplicate set, remove all but one flow from the master page frame chain. Then you can draw in layout frames (or create master pages with separate frame chains and specific flows in each) as required, and Dorico won’t add any extra beyond that one flow. If you don’t need to show that flow at all (and it could even be a dummy flow that is one beat long and doesn’t appear anywhere else), make sure it’s at the end of the layout and delete that page manually in the PDF output?

Or, if you want to show musical excerpts in your index, add separate flows with one player and a couple of bars of the relevant theme, and show those in the master page frame chain in your duplicate master page set - you can then edit the master pages to have multiple small music frames on a single page (in addition to any necessary text etc), and that will be the only time those flows appear, no excess pages. Have you seen Ant’s excellent video on this sort of thing?

Yes thanks Lillie, that’s a great video and was the one that taught me I could make a musical index, but admittedly I’m still wrapping my head around how the frame filters works.

I want to show timings and musical excerpts ideally (your third paragraph), so it seems I need to have some placeholder flows to just hold the themes to do this. Hmmm, OK have to think about this and get my noggin on it.

Just seen your edit requesting a page of comments - see here.

Damn, you folks think of everything … thanks Lillie :slight_smile:

This is for a “Game Score” - maybe “Programming score” would be better. A score for the programmers to have all the relevant information for using in the game. And double damn! The output looks great with all the information I’d want, amazing …