Making a table such as a chord map in Dorico?

Dear users,

The following table is made in Finale.

How can I make this table using Dorico?
It seems not to be simple for me.

Thanks in advance!

I mean, I would absolutely do this in InDesign anyways.

To paraphrase the math guy from Jurassic Park: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

Thank you for your opinion! Honestly, doing that in Finale also took a lot of work.

Is it better to also make the following tables in inDesign? They were done all in Finale and were vexatious work. I want to finish this work now. I have been considering Dorico for this, but Dorico seems even more complicated than Finale for this kind of work. inDesign might be better, but exporting so many slices of examples would be ridiculously a lot of time to do, too.

I wouldn’t export slices from Dorico, but an entire PDF containing all the examples.

Then, in Affinity Publisher (or InDesign) I would import the unique PDF, and resize the containing frame so that it just fits the desired slice.