Making a tempo map out of manually recorded MIDI hitpoints

OK folks, here I am again with this same MIDIproblem that I cannot seem to solve.

I have one of my customers’ song which IS recorded with constant BPM (162) but it doesn’t match in mnay points - not even close.

So I Googled earlier that it would be possible to process a working Tempo track, with the click of course in place, so that you first manually record the hitpoints in a MIDI track.

My question is that how do you do that? When I use the menu options namely MIDI > FUNCTIONS > MERGE TEMPO FROM TAPPING, the outcoming Tempo track is as crooked wrong as a politicians dick. It’s WAY off.

So how do I make a working Tempo track curve from manually recorded MIDI hitpoints? I just can’t believe this is so damn hard. Please help me and I’ll give you some sweet piece of my crooked bunghole even if you are not homosexuals. I am not but damn it, I just want to have a working tempo track where the click would precisely follow the original recordings changing tempo.

Tempo detection is no use here since the material is a complete song with all the vocals, guitars and who knows what. And Tempo detection detects the existing Tempo just as well as a satanist detects Jesus’ existence in his life.

I have attached a picture of my manually recorded MIDI events that comply to the actual hitpoints of the songs. As you can see the “average” tempo grid (162bpm) doesn’t match the actual hitpoints that I recorded manually with only a few beers taken.

I need this tempo track in order to be able to use GA SE 4 to edit new drums to the song. And please don’t tell me that “use Time Warping option to correct the original song’s hitpoints”. That is not an option due to the direct request from my customer.

Please help and the next time I go to shitting in my toilet, I’ll give You warm and smelly thoughts.

manual tempo hitpoints.jpg


You could try to use Tempo detection from Project menu. Select the MIDI event first, and then trigger this function.

Does it work to you?

Hi there

I have often done this in the past, one thing I can’t see is have you turned the tempo “map” on in the transport? Also a good idea to have the midi track and audio at click 1 aligned to a bar beginning. You do that before using the merge to tempo function

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