Making a tempo map/track from detected hitpoints


I have this pre-recorded audio from my customer which is a complete song and it seems to somewhat follow the tempo 162 - but not accuately at all points. So I managed to detect the hitpoints from this audio track and I now want to make a tempo track with varying tempo value so that the click and the grid would follow the actual hitpoints of the original recording.

So how do I do that in Cubase 8? I have included pics from the project and the auto-detected hitpoints seem quite accurate but I have no idea of how to “calculate”/process a Tempo track from those hitpoints. My meaning is to use the new and correct Tempo configuration to edit and add the drums onto the audio. It does have drums already, and tempo detetction without those drums would be quite impossible I guess. But I will later get the same audio material without those original drums so I would just replace the audio file with existing drums with the audio file without any drums and do new drums with Groove Agent.

So important: I do NOT want to time stretch the original recording in any way. My customer wants it to be just like it is. I only need the instructions on how to produce a custom tempo track with slightly varying tempo value according to the original audio. Please check out the attached picture.

As you can see from the picture, the detected hitpoints are not accurately aligned with the “average” 162bpm tempo, so I need a Tempo track adjustment.

Could You please help!!
Hitpoints to Tempo track.jpg


You could try tempo detection.

Select the event, click Project\Tempo detection, then click analyse.

You can correct it manualy afterwards by dragging the tempo track automation points with the warp tool. It will recalculate again from the point you corrected.
Keep the tempo detection panel open until you’re done with corrections and are satisfied with the tempo map.

Thank You!

Just what I needed to know!

However the click is rather hardly off so Cubase seem not be able to detect the hitpoints correctly.

So now as I have this hitpoints track that visually seems to be correct, is there a way to build a Tempo Track from that hitpoint information?

I understand that this might be impossible to make the accurate tempo track and I will have to use the manual time warping. No problem, just some extra work. But if You could help me still, that would be great. I just would like to experiment on processing a Tempo track from those detected hitpoints.

You can create a tempo map using hitpoints, but you need to filter and edit the hitpoints so you only get hitpoints falling on the beat and you need to add one manualy if it’s missing.

You want to have each beat (1/4 note) covered.
Then use the create midi notes from hitpoints function.

Once you have the midi track use the merge tempo from tapping command.

Thank You for the post. But where the heck I find this “creat midi notes from hitpoints” fuction? I selected all the hitpoints that where detected and browsed through all the menus but couldn’t find it. I’m using Cubase 8.0.30.

Can You please help.

Sample editor.
Hitpoints tab.