Making a track not treat CC64 as sustain?

Hoping someone has a trick for this. I have an instrument where I want to use my sustain pedal for expression (since it’s the only foot controller I have at the moment). At the same time I need to tell this specific track to not interpret CC64 as sustain (i.e. holding notes as it normally does) but to just let me assign it to whatever I want. I’ve got it assigned to this VSTs expression, but I don’t know how to disable CC64’s usual effect. Is this possible?

You can do it using the midi Input Transformer. Have you tried that option yet?
Check out page 451 of the PDF manual.

Wow! I swear, there’s always something new in Cubase that I’ve never seen or used before. Thanks, I’ll read up on this!

You CAN use the transformer…but, it’s not the midi track treating it as sustain. It’s the midi sound generator you’re pointing it at. The easiest fix is usually remapping it on the instrument/source and how it responds.

By the way: using your sustain perdal for expression is no good idea, since expression is a continous controller with 127 values, all adressable. You need a slider or a modwheel for this. Sustain pedal only gives out 2 values: out and in which are 0 and 127. For Expression this means “Silence” and “Full Power”, not very helpful.

Ah, but I have a continuous sustain pedal, so it does register values 0-127. :slight_smile: