Making Audio Edits permanent (to the file)

Most likely I am missing somehting here, as it appears to be too simple and I knew it from older Cubase versions most certainly under another name tag.
So, I have an Audio file, I cut a silence in the start and end, applied fades. In the original file (in the pool) the edits are not processed, which is great to go back and revert all changes.
But, isn’t / wasn’t there a way to apply the edits of the audio event into the file? So that the file is altered in length and with fades applied? I used “Bounce…” and obviously it did the job, but I was looking for something like “make edits permanent”. Maybe it was the obsolete name of “Bounce…”?


Bounce Selection is exactly what you’re after. All the edits but non of the plugins are written into a new file.

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