Making Beats With Cubase Using Drum Samples

Hi. I have several individual drum samples (ex. kick drums, snares, hi hats, etc.). In a project in Cubase, how do you load different drum samples on different tracks and trigger them with a midi keyboard controller? For an example, how do I load a snare sound on a, empty track, hit the record button, and trigger the snare sound on my midi keyboard controller to record a snare beat, then open up the “piano roll” for the snare track/beat that I just recorded and move/adjust the timing of each individual snare hit that I recorded on the “piano roll”? Thank you

Have you read the manual yet?

I did not see it in the manual. What page did you find it on?

I was being a bit sarcastic. You see, the answer to your question would require having a grasp of some of the basic functionality of the software, which, considering the question you asked, implies that you lack.

So, rather than coming to a user forum asking such an unspecific question requiring someone to explain a bunch of stuff to you…why not make the attempt to grasp things on your own, then, ask a few specific questions about the process you’re unclear about?


Read up on GA4se

or GAO… :wink:

Thank you