Making dynamics marking play proper volume in sample library?

I’m trying to make an expression map for the Kontakt Cremona string quartet. I have the playing techniques switching correctly, but I can’t figure out-how do I map things so when I have a dynamic marking in my score (p, pp, hairpins, etc) that will correspond to a specific volume coming out of Kontakt? I’m not sure if I need to map it to velocity somehow, etc. I don’t really mess with midi velocities in Dorico, only in my DAW. Thanks!

I think I see the issue. Cremona Quartet for some reason doesn’t respond with dynamic changes for long notes. Strange.

There have been some previous posts about this library here on the forum, which perhaps you might find useful to check out? E.g. here.

Yes it does. Make sure you are using CC#1 for dynamic on the longs (and velocity on the shorts).

Got it. Thanks!

Nice! Lots to dig in to there. I whipped up a very basic one last night and got to learn about sending cc1 from within the expression map, but that post will certainly let me prepare the library much more deeply. Thanks again!