Making engraving changes to score and part simultaneously

I want to change the horizontal position of a note. I select Engrave Mode for the full score and move the note. Do I have to effect the change in the part as a separate operation, or is there a setting that will make the change that I make in the score automatically follow in the part?



I’m not sure that Note Spacing adjustments can be copied.

Because layouts are different, the arrangement of systems and notes will be different, so it is rare for the same adjustment to fit both score and part.

Can you show a screenshot? There might be another way than a manual adjustment.

Thanks for response. There may be a be a better way of achieving what I want to do!

It concerns a double stop in the violins. This is what I did using Voice 2 for the crotchets:
I then aligned the notes in engrave mode.
The score changes to show what I want:
But the notes remain unaligned in the part.


Probably better to use the Voice Column Index than a manual adjustment. That’s a property, so if you have Properties set to “Global”, then it will carry into the parts.

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That’s a term I would never have stumbled across. I found it, but only in engrave mode!

Doing it this was means that it shows up in Galley View also.

This is a much better solution, that I had sought for in vain in the documentation.

Many thanks!


Second result when searching “align notes”.

Align notes is also not what would come to my mind: my reaction was to search on moving notes sideways.


That was based on this part of an earlier comment, just to see if words you were using to describe the action produced relevant results.

It’s lower down but still on the first page of results for “move notes sideways”, but it might be helpful to know that “horizontally” is the word I generally use, rather than sideways, meaning “move notes horizontally” produces the relevant page as the top result.

@Lillie_Harris I do not envy you the task of trying to pre-empt the phrases that users might choose to employ.

I’ve just tried being my most Sir Humphrey, and querying the Help pages for “a lateral shift of the notes with respect to the beat”, and was pleasantly surprised by the usefulness of the results.

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