Making guitar method books


I am a guitar teacher and currently making a few guitar books for pupils.
Most of it will consist of little guitar pieces (1 or 2 pages) and a few, but not many exercices/examples on 1 or 2 staves.

When I composed the little guitar pieces, I put them in separate files.
But now I want to compilate them in about 3 books.

I suppose it will be a matter of copy and paste?
Or can anyone direct me to a useful tutorial or other tips in that matter?
I’d like to hear from fellow musicians who have done similar things.

Many thanks,


btw: Dorico is super for guitar score engraving!

Hi Stefaan, you can import existing music into a project as separate flows, and compile them all in one project. You can import flows from existing Dorico projects or import music in other formats, such as XML exported from another notation software.

Once imported, you can do things like allow flows to appear on the same page as a previous flow, if you want say three short “exercise” flows to appear on one page.

Hello Lillie,

Thank you for the quick reply,
I will try this out!