Making individual lyrics bold

Hi all,

I’m trying to type-set some plainchant, and I need the occasional word in bold in my lyrics. I can’t find it anywhere…is there a way of doing it?

Thanks a lot!


I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment, Dan. They can be made italicised, but not emboldened. There are a few workarounds possible, though none of them are brilliant: you could insert those specific lyrics using Shift+X text instead of real lyrics; or you could change the ‘Lyric Translation Font Style’ if you’re not using translations in your project and set that to be bold, then input those lyrics as translations (though you’ll still need to adjust their vertical position to put them into the right place).

Okay, thank you! Quick follow-up: if I just use shift-x is there any way of getting the melismatic line? HETH________. That sort of thing.

If you’re not using italicised lyrics anywhere else, you could change the Italicised Lyrics font to use a bold variant rather than an italic one, then tick the “italicised” property for those lyrics.

Thanks all!

Got around it using chorus lyrics and changing that to bold. I tried to use translation first but the programme wouldn’t allow me to change the vertical positioning. (I guess that’s another question: how do you change the vertical positioning? I changed the y-axis in the properties menu at the bottom and nothing happened. The x-axis worked well.).


Unfortunately you can’t yet adjust the vertical position of a line of lyrics, sorry! But this will be a feature in the next version of Dorico. Sorry for leading you up the garden path there. For now probably Shift+X text is the way to go, for that reason.