Making Me Your Man

Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by me.

I mixed and mastered this at K-14. I’m trying to not join the loudness war so turn your speakers up :smiley:

Superb throughout – recording, mix, and performance. I really like the persona of the singer – earnest but not forced. Nice guitar solo. Very professional!

Do I recognize Stephen Slate drums here? I don’t care much for SSD, but this is one of the few times they are being used effectively. Then you’ll tell me they’re live, so… :laughing:

PS: I usually type my responses while listening, which means often the next song in the cue begins before I’m done. “Glory of the Cross” is also really good

Hey many thanks twilightsong! I’m very proud of this song because it came together fast and I’m getting a handle on all the best practices for all recording, mixing and mastering. It’s alot of moving parts for sure.

I am so happy to hear the kind words on the drums. They’re Addictive Drums 2 Fairfax bundle. I paid special attention to them to get as realistic a sound as possible. Thanks again for listening and commenting!

great song…and tasteful!

Thanks ferencz for listening and commenting!

Commercial and professional sound, a winner IMHO…this forum has been in the doldrums recently, seemed to start when Jet left…but things are definitely getting better now…great stuff…Kevin

hope you don’t take this as an insult but…is this country :question: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, agreed! Sounds really good! :sunglasses:


Yeah, I’ll join the crowd here easily. This has a nice sound to it not the least of which is attributable to the vocalist’s timbre. You have a perfect voice for this genre.

My only comment is that the first solo and vocals could be a tad more prominent in the mix (save for the quiet part at ~2:30). I’m not thinking much - perhaps a 1dB boost. The solo in the outro sits quite well in the mix, however.

Thanks everyone for the kind words! Really keeps me motivated. :smiley:

shadowfax - Others have said this was reminiscent of The Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne, etc. I will gladly take those comparisons along with the country label too :smiley: which is such a broad term if you consider The Eagles type of California country, for instance, which wouldn’t fit in at all on the 2015 “modern US mainstream country” format (which I’m not fond of at all to be honest).

foolomon - I’ve read some of you and other members’ comments regarding mixing and mastering with K system specifically. For this track, I was very methodical about gain staging and metering at all points of the production and stuck to K-14 metering for mixing and mastering. That proved more challenging than I suspected :astonished: but the end result is the best thing I’ve mixed yet as a result imo. It definitely required a counter intuitive approach for me to restrict levels and overall rms. I am most proud of that guitar sound that’s Amplitube 3 mostly but then sent to a Leslie cabinet simulation. I’ve always loved that sound and that was my Hendrix/Clapton hommage I suppose :slight_smile: Most feedback I’ve gotten is that it’s out of place and/or too loud in this song… :blush: …but I’m still attached to it so thanks for the comment to boost it!

very nice song and mix balance is great on everything apart from the last harmony vocals which are bit too quiet and the last solo which seemed a touch loud ,by the way nice solos, plenty of attitude .you havent said if that is you singing or not i dont think so yet, if that is you ,great voice and do you wanna swap voices ha ha ,ok ill take that as a no .i thought there was a couple of db too much around the 2.5 k on some stuff maybe in my humbleness, don`t know what anybody else thinks . but anyway cracking tune nice and laid back. well done ,back to the top of the “made with steinberg” charts.

Thanks polgara! I’m playing and singing everything. The irony is I’ve never liked my voice for this stuff but committed to completing a number of songs in 2015 and someone’s got to sing it so…

The 2.5khz I assume you’re referring to is in the acoustic strums. I’ve got a couple of issues to address. I liked the quieter harmonies as a contrast but maybe they should be louder. Hmmm got me thinking…

im just guessing here but if 2.5k is where the acoustic strums are id maybe put a cut there on the snare maybe cause the snare seems prominent on that frequency by the sounds of it and also the strat rhythm sound id maybe automate a cut at 2.5k for the verses to make it sit back a bit and leave the acoustic strums shining,at the moment the acoustic strums are a bit covered ,but please take what im saying with a pinch of salt cause i`m only listening on an old technics hi fi.oh and congrats on the voice ,good to know.