Making Nuendo Keyboard Shortcuts Much More Useful

I’m constantly confused using shortcuts in Nuendo. Some shurtcuts have a function in the arrange window, but when I’m in the lower zone or the Channel Setting window, it has no function, because the focus area (with the white border) is not on the Arrange Window. Unfortunately, shortcuts in Nuendo are global. You can only assign them once.

I would like to suggest making shortcuts not global, but depending on the focus area you are in. We already have the white focus border. Why not use it more and better? Meaning one could use the same shortcuts in different areas, also making them vastly easier to remember. Away with SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-F8.

You could assign S for SOLO in the Arrange Window (as long as the white focus border is in the arrange window), and when you are in the lower zone (focus border is there), S means Set Snap Point. In the Channel Settings, E could mean open the Equalizer and C open the Channel Strip. It would make things much easier to remember!

There could be some global shortcuts that always mean the same thing. SPACE would always play so you could make tweaks in a plugin and play your arrangement. I’d really like something like that. As now, there’s little use to most shortcuts if you’re not exactly in the window they work in.

No and no and no! Unless it was totally optional (I.e. additional row wcheckboxes that set global/focus based action).
Sorry to disagree with you but imo to get a fast efficient workflow you really do not want that.

Even now there are way to many focus based shortcuts. It’s really bad. It’s the single most backwards choice Steinberg has chosen these last few years.

The result is that when you work on a hw controller you still have to look and make sure where that god darn focus frame is on the screen as otherwise a button may or may not work.
It’s really really bad for efficiency.
I would love if any command would go straight to its function regardless of focus and do what I want whenever I want reliably and always, no matter what.

On the other hand… if we could get both truly global and/or focus modes then all users would probably like it, but KCs would become a bit harder to setup and configure for a new user.

I think I brought this up a while ago, and there wasn’t any official response to it. The way it is now is problematic. I think it’s a missed big opportunity, and one of the cases where a great feature that has been with us since the very first version of Nuendo (!) has been made worse!

I do however think it needs to be either optional or:

that’s what would be best.

Allow us to default to one set of commands per workstation, i.e. global commands, but let us simply check/uncheck - or rather select different functions - depending on zones. I for one would absolutely make use of different commands being executed by the same key press depending on what zone I’m in.

If it’s made optional we DON’T have to program the commands to be different, but we COULD if we wanted to. This would give us far more control.

That is a problem for sure, but there are two things to remember Erik; the controller would have to send key presses specifically instead of communicating using a different protocol. In other words changing this shouldn’t change a lot (or anything) of what Nuage or an Artist Mix does (or s-series). Secondly, we already have the problem Chris pointed out. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a trackball, keyboard or controller (that sends key presses) at the moment because they all are subject to working/not working depending on what pane I’m in. As it stands right now it should be improved either way.

I think all three of us agree with the above. This is again an area where I think Steinberg has slipped and the software has become less good over the years, sadly.

I’d like to hear your opinion on this:

Zoom has the same shortcuts in Edit and Mixer window.
Is this a good or bad?
I mean, is it better to have the same shortcut in both windows and have to check window focus, or have separate shortcuts without checking window focus?