Making Only The Filtered Instrument Playback

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a setting that can make the filtered Instruments (The instruments selected to be shown only) in the Galley View to play alone on playback as a posed to having to select more than one note from them all and press P?

In other words, is there a way to play only what’s shown in the Galley View?

Thanks, Nicolas.


Sorry I don’t know, but I like the idea.



This has been requested before, and is something we are thinking about for future versions.


What happens if you select a note in the flow, press ctrl-A, and then P? Does that select only the filtered instruments?

In my experience, selecting two or more notes/rests in (a) part(s) solos it/them, but not just one note.

Yes, but Ctrl-A selects everything in the current flow, so I thought that might provide a short-cut.

Yes, if you’ve already filtered the instruments, selecting some or all of what’s shown onscreen will play back.

Another nice shortcut I like is shift-selecting (shift-down arrow, at least in Mac OS) the first note of parts I want to isolate. Bonus: however you’ve isolated part(s), playback scrubbing also plays only that/those part(s)!