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I am a Sibelius 6 convert, embarking on my Dorico journey! I’m loving it so far.

I’m kinda getting the layout vs. parts maybe, but….how can I make a part that includes 2 violins, not just 1. I have searched in all the “logical” places! (Love that the index is 91 pages long. :grinning:

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From the right panel of Setup mode, create a new part - it’s the music stand icon at the bottom. Then tick both of the violins in the left panel.

Out of interest Karen, what were your go-to searches/approaches? Here’s a general topic covering the relationships between players, layouts, and flows - and here’s the task specifically for adding players to parts.

Genius! Thanks pianoleo.

Lillie, I did the usual looking under “parts” in the index. I got a little flummoxed when I saw the words “Part formatting propagation”.

Can’t quite remember where I first read that parts are referred to as layouts in Dorico.

Thank you for that helpful link.

Are you definitely using the most recent version of the PDF manual? There should be this (hopefully) helpful pointer:


Yes, I’ve got the most recent pdf. Thank you. I think I just couldn’t accept the layout concept. At that point, I think my mind went blank…

Setup mode is perhaps the least familiar area of Dorico. But once you get your head around the concept of:
Players can have multiple instruments;
Each Flow can have any combination of Players;
Each Layout can have any combination of Flows AND any combination of Players;

it all becomes easy and powerful.

So a Layout can contain any Player’s music from any Flows.

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Thanks benwiggy. I’m getting it!