Making Send/Returns Easier/Quicker

Maybe I am missing something in the newest version of Cubase 10.5 Pro, so, maybe someone can point me in the right direction if I am, but, I find setting up Sends/Returns a bit cumbersome with too many clicks and windows to navigate.

I’d luv it if it was possible to :
immediately upon clicking the “send level” in the mixer, a plugin window appears allowing you to create a “new send + corresponding plugin drop down” or an “existing” plug in that was already set up previously without having to go to the mixer to set up the FX plugin etc…

Maybe someone has an even better idea. Trying minimize the clicking and increase workflow/mojo.


Are you aware fo these functions:

  • Right-click to a Track choose FX Channel for Selected Channels.
  • In the Add (FX) Track dialog, you can choose the plug-in.
  • In the Project window’s Inspector, you can do all routing/settings of the Sends.
  • In the Channel Settings Window, you can do all routing/settings of the Sends.

Yes, I am Martin, but thank you.

I think I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill… hoping for relatively minor workflow improvements with less and less clicks…less and less searching for and opening windows in very, very large projects. Due to screen real estate, any little bit helps.

I much prefer the flow of an Insert versus a Send for example :
I have many of my favorite Insert FX plugins on my “Project Template” Master Bus, turned off/greyed out, but ready to be dragged and dropped to a track.
So, dragging and dropping then setting the Wet/Dry balance. Boom, done.