Making small symmetric messa di voce signs -swells

How can I make small messa di voces, as in the following?

While we are here, what does ‘inflection’ mean in relation to messa di voce settings. I have not heard of that term in this context. And what does the grace note adjustment signify?


And by the way @Lillie_Harris a search for the term ‘inflection’ in the help yields no results [I know you read all these posts!]

I have done those as playing techniques (or articulations). There are some symbols in Bravura that you can use. The last one I suppose would have to be a dynamic though ().

Yes the manual is currently missing documentation for the inflection point of messa di voce hairpins. It’s on the list. Apologies in the meantime.

Any clues for this mere drudge as to what it means? And the grace note symbol meaning?

It controls where the middle of the messa di voce takes place - like a rhythmic offset for the middle handle. I’m fairly sure the second grace note value field allows you to control whether the middle handle is aligned with grace notes at that position or not.