Making the leap

Yikes, hello modernity.

My C6 finally shipped, so it’s getting to be upgrade time. I currently run XP32 and C5.5.whatever is newest.

I have a copy of W7/64 waiting at home - the question is, do I install C6 as 32 or 64? I have a UAD2 Quad and a UAD1 which are used heavily in my mixing process, so they’re the real concern. Is the built-in bridge any good, or should I use the evidently miraculous jbridge instead?

The system has 6GB of RAM, so it would make me smile if I could use it :wink:

But the most important thing, definitely, is being able to continue using the UADs heavily. They don’t have full 32bit support, which is horse hockey, but there it is.

Assuming it spins up, I have a spare WDRaptor that I’ll be using for an OS drive, and simply disconnect my current drive, so I can revert in under 5 minutes.

So, any suggestions? Are there gotchas?

I have searched, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information, especially regarding the UADs.



I probably should kee my mouth shut on this but I faced the exact issue about 6 weeks ago prior to my C6 install upgrade. My Quad Core was performaing very well but I really wanted to move it up to 64 bit use. After looking into the need for another computer I used the one I have and went for it

No major glitches with any part of it. I now run W7 Pro and C6 64. Many of my other drivers needed to be upgraded to 64 bit versions and my computer is quicker…markedly quicker. I do not use the bridge so all I can say is that I have read more favorable comments than problems. If you need a thought on this upgrade to 64… My vote is yes. Pre-plan though for all of the elements you may need from your other software

Thanks - I think I have everything else planned out - soundcard drivers are 64bit, and the plugins I care about seem to be right as well.

Here’s hoping for the best! I can’t wait to use the rest of my RAM - I’ve had 6GB for over a year now, but XP only lets me see 3.5 :slight_smile:


A quick addition in case you haven’t noticed it, the 32 bit and 64 bit versions can be installed and co-exist in W7 x64 without conflicts and I highly recommend it. Projects with many 32 bit plugs usually need more processing power in C6 64 than C6 32 bit due to the bridging (at least using the Steinberg bridge, haven’t tried jbridge) so I often end up working on my old projects in C6 32 bit while starting new ones in x64. Not to mention that I also installed C5, both 32 and 64, as well in case some plug-in should stop working between versions.