Making the project more simple

What I’m trying to do in my project is create a bus or mix set for different channels…ie…let’s say channels 1-5 are my vocals…is there a way i can create one bus or mix set so that it only focuses on them and only them? and if my drum tracks are 6-8 then i could create a bus/mix set or what you’d call it so that it only focuses on those 3 channels? me it would make my mastering a lot easier

Sorry I don’t understand your goal.

I don’t understand what you mean by “buss or mix set” and “focus on the and only them.”

Of course you can route channels 1-5 to a group channel and channels 6-8 to another group channel therefore have 2 group channels. That’s obvious. But what do you mean by focus? You could solo the group channel and it would solo every track routed to that group. Is that what you mean by focus?

Then you mention mastering. I’m going to assume you mean you treat each group channel as a stem? Traditional mastering is normally the final process on a stereo mixdown dealing with all song tracks to achieve a cohesive sound however sometimes the client will submit stems. Personally I don’t care for it as it can open more issues than it can solve, but every once in a while it has saved a mix that would have been worse off if stems were not included.

you completely answered my question. Now how do i make these group channels?

See page 87 of the operations manual

Right click in track list or mixer and select “create group channel track”

Once you have created one (or more) it will become available in the routing options for your channels so you can select which tracks feed which groups.

If you find stuff getting a bit tricky to navigate in large projects you can also create folder tracks which groups stuff together without feeding them to a shared bus like group channels…Then you can use Mixconsole visibility tab to hide/unhide these “groups” in the mixer.

That really helped!!! Got me where i needed to be!