Making use of the touchbar (Macbook Pro)

I have been playing around with the excellent software BetterTouchTool on my Macbook.
It really enhances the pleasure of working with Dorico. (see picture)
Rock on!

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Very neat! Looks like a built in stream deck essentially.

Wowzers. I guess I’d better actually take on some engraving work in order to justify buying a new MacBook :wink:

Very cool!

Looks great. Where did You get the icons?

I made the icons in Photoshop. Attached to this message if you like to use them.
(They are very small so they look bad in Finder but work in the touchbar.) (Touch Bar? Touschbar?! :unamused: ) (2.48 KB)

Now that Apple have refreshed the MacBook Pro range, this seems like the obvious thread on which to ask whether the 8-core machines are worth going for.
My dual-core MacBook Pro is decidedly sluggish, not to mention worn - our very own Daniel described it as disgusting a few weeks back, and proffered a screen wipe - and though my quad-core HP is capable I’ve really not settled back into Windows.
I occasionally need Mainstage (plus the capability to run a variety of VSTs in Mainstage setlists that can easily run to 200+ patch changes), so a fresh Mac is overdue.
Aside from that, it’s really just Dorico that needs a capable machine. Is there any appreciable difference between the six-core i7s and the eight-core i9s?

Thank You very much!!

We simply don’t have good enough benchmarks to be able to say with certainty what the benefits of an 8-core machine over and above a 6-core machine would be. I understand there’s some concern about the thermal envelope for the very top-rated machines in the current enclosure, and consequently you might be better off with one that isn’t going to be so close to the edge.

Thanks Daniel. I’ll sit on the sidelines for a little while…

If I’m not mistaken, there are programs that allow you to up fan speeds a bit to bring the machine within more comfortable thermal constraints. Apples quest for thinner/quieter forces thermals to suffer, but you can get more performance out of the machines than they are tuned by default. I’d google fan controllers to see if this might help.

I made a tutorial on how to set Better Touch Tool to use the Touch Bar with Dorico :musical_score:


Thank you cellicello, very helpful video!

Rumours suggest that Apple may be phasing out the TouchBar. They could have included it in the new keyboards for the iMac (which does have Touch ID), but didn’t. The new laptops coming out (soon?) are thought not to have it.