Be advised that working with MIDI data in ATMOS is considerably more difficult than stereo/surround! You have to send all MIDI data to the bed just to hear it. Once you’ve decided on the performance you want, YOU MUST RENDER IN STEREO! Otherwise, you’ll get a blank 7.1.4 file! Once it’s audio you can use it like any other audio event. But getting it there is a slippery slope. Several of my stereo renderings came out blank because of the complex routing matrix required. It sounded from the bed, but didn’t render to the bed. In many ways, it acts like LFE. So you have to play in the bed for sound but render to a stereo group that feeds the bed to get a rendered audio file.

I haven’t seen any posts on MIDI with ATMOS. So, I thought this might be useful info to anyone who working with this combination.

Do you mean Instrument tracks with MIDI events or just MIDI tracks?

I just mixed 2 sessions with all my Instrument tracks still active with MIDI events. Used the setup assistant to route everything to the bed and it seemed to work just fine.

Instrument tracks with MIDI events
I routed the MIDI events to a VSTi which routed to the 7.1.2 Bed. I could hear it just fine. But when I rendered the track , I got a blank 7.1.2 Audio event. I had to rout the VSTi to a Stereo out bus to get a stereo rendering of the MIDI track with an actual wave file on it.

How did that work? Did you just set it to Send ALL Tracks to the Bed?

Yes, with the setup assistant I just sent all tracks to the bed.

Once the mix was done, I exported 7.1.4, 5.1 and stereo.

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So, you didn’t have ANY objects?:hushed:

I had a few objects in one of the tracks, but this wasn’t a project where I needed too much movement. It was for a very specific format for a 360 installation. Tracks were mostly ambient. However, made use of the stock multi-tap delay quite a bit. Didn’t know I could have the taps specifically bounce to each speaker. :upside_down_face:


To be clear. Are you saying that you ran your MIDI through your VSTi’s LIVE and never bothered to render them into audio files, and this worked because you stayed entirely in you 7.1.2 bed?

Yup! Here’s a screenshot of one of the sessions. There’s only 1 object track used on this one.

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Okay, good to know and thanks!:wink::+1: