Man Enough To Cry

Hello everyone.

I have have posted this song here before - except the music video which is now ready :

Song made with Cubase 6.5. Hope you enjoy the tune - and the video - its me on the drums by the way :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Cool vid, great song…Excellent mix!! :sunglasses:


Thank you so much Sav !

That is a really good video there, great job!
He didn’t cry though :wink:

Brilliant…just brilliant !!!

Thanks to both of you Shadowfax and Strophoid. True, he did’nt cry … hehe :wink:

Fantastic mix. I really like the bass sound you got on it. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Psy ! Bass is from Spectrasonics Trillian, 1 ordinary 5 string, and 1 moog (+ some processing, both of them)

Really very good, both the vid and the song! Great singer btw.

Thank you so much Renewal. Really appreciate your comments !


great job on everything…wish you the best

Thank you so much really Ferencz !

I’ll echo what everyone is saying here: great song and great video. I would have liked to see a kick ass guitar solo though. “Paging Mr. Kim…Mr. Kim Christiansen, line 2.”

What is your involvement with the band and/or song? Are you a member? Did you produce the track? Etc. Inquiring minds want to know! :smiley:

First of all ; Thank you so much Foolomon !

My involvement ? I wrote the song, and played / programmed all instruments, except (almost all) middle8 section guitars - and the guitar solo from here (which is played by Lars Lind, a Norwegian guitarist, and a much better guitarist than me).

And yes, i produced the track in my … i like to call it a semi pro studio.

So … it actually not a real band as you see in the video, but all of them are great musicians.

Ok so now I have a few more comments:

  1. Bravo for producing such a well-written and well-mixed song. It’s truly an impressive sounding song, and the fact that you are responsible for 90%+ of the effort to get to the point that we had something to listen to is quite nice.

  2. Why did you produce the video if the band isn’t real? “Because you could?” The video was very well done, and I admit I thought it was a promo for a real band looking to land a record deal.

Great stuff! :mrgreen:

It’s really well done. Trying to think who I’m reminded of… Bon Jovi? Great mix to my ears.

@ Early21 : Thank you so much !

  1. Again, thx so much Foolomon. That comment really keeps me going. Much appreciated indeed !

  2. Good question. That wasnt my decision after all, but the video producer as far as i can remember (but we agreed to it i guess) It is more a promovideo for Jan Le’Brandt (which is the (main) artist here) - Jan le’Brandt with a support band, is the idea (i guess, hehe :wink: )

Killer mix I could hear everything, keys are great. Bass and kick and gtr are perfect…great mastering too…Video is excellent

Thank you so much Kzarider !

that is just a wonderful track, as are all three on iTunes. I immediately bought all of them. Like mentioned above, the mix is REALLY great.