Man that download is slooooow

Grabbed the 7.5 update earlier, two different downloads available. Started with the smallest one, the actual Cubase download and man, i have download speeds that vary between 30 and 70 kBps, started downloading the HSSE 2 update and that was done within an hour and a half, and that thing is more than twice the size… I’m having timeouts all the time and have had to restart the download as the timer ran out…
Anyone else experiencing this? Will it smooth out?

David-“Can’t wait to get my hands on this”-L

Yes, I don’t get why Steinberg (a big company) can’t simply rent some cloud servers for the few days after a big release. :cry:

I mean, Windows Azure is not actually really expensive…

Had a dreadful time downloading Artist 7 Update to 7:5. Gave up in the end and tried again today.

Price of being on the bleeding edge :laughing:

I am going to wait until next week or so.

Took nearly 3 x hours but its downloaded and without any glitches this time. Have not tried it out yet though. :exclamation:

This comes up every single release.

And, no, Azure isn’t expensive for a single person. But remember that cloud services typically charge based on usage. If you think it wouldn’t be expensive when everyone is trying to download the latest release then maybe, as an exercise, you should find out how expensive it really would be. :wink:

My downloads were actually pretty good.
But yeah, the second one did take over an hour - maybe even two, but no glitches or interruptions.

Took me 1/2 an hour for both ISO images plus the update downloads a little over 12GB in total.

I too had to restart Hsse2 several times, finally went to bed. The next morning it was there. I waited 5 days after the release